As a result of the current high exchange rate. Each item will be reivewed individually to determine final price in Canadian Dollars. Some items may not change at all.

Most suggested retails are in $USD and up to 2015 I have been able to absorb the exchange and sell at par or close to it to $ Canadian Dollars.

2016 pricing is in effect, however not all items have been updated from 2015 pricing. Look for the item so say 2016 $00.00


Please Contact me directly to provide a quote for the items you are interested in.



You can put your trust in WINDSPORTS ALBERTA. Competitive prices, and overall value are why my loyal customers keep coming back. I look forward to serving you!

Special orders for non stocked items welcome whether listed on the site or not. 

Are you interested in Windsurfing? Choose in order below, a Board, Sail, Boom, Mast, Mast Base, and Mast Extension to Get Started in Windsurfing. Or contact me and we can choose together. 


If You Would Like To See Something On The Site, Let Me Know Or Email Me the Information and I Can Post It.


Your Classified Adds are Welcome 



 Shipping is EXW, EX Works Origin, otherwise known as FOB Origin - Please be sure to inspect goods thouroughly, especially boards, before signing receipt, or sign with suitable exception noted such as subject to further detailed inspection.

Don't See the Brand or Model of what you are Looking for? Let me Know and I will See What I Can Do About Getting it in For You, and Of Course, It will be at a Good Price.


Feel free to just sent me an email with the items you are interested in at You can use the website to purchase if you like, I still have to enter the sale and information manually in the operating system anyway, but if it needs to be shipped then we will have to follow up with a shipping invoice as again. Plus with the current exchange rate, many items will have a price adjustment applied as well as the shipping. Please use Interac e-transfer where possible. THIS ITEM CAN BE USED TO ENTER AND PAY FOR SHIPPING, OR PRODUCTS, FOR ITEMS DISCUSSED USING PAYPAL. If you do online banking, please use Interac e-transfer. EACH UNIT IS $1.00 AND THEREFORE JUST USE THE QUANTITY AS THE TOTAL AMOUNT. SO IF SHIPPING IS $15.00 ENTER QUANTITY 15.

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February 12, 2016