If you would like to add lakes or comments about conditions and what to expect and where to go etc at the various sites then send me the information.
There are hundreds if not thousands of lakes around Alberta so it is just a matter of which bodies of water are close to you where you have access to the water. As a general comment, I have seen many where the shore is muddy and difficult to get to the deeper water plus during the peak of summer the water gets pretty grreen and full of algae. 


Send Me Some of Your Local Windsurfing Pictures With a Story if You Like so I Can Show What Local Windsurfing is. Windsurfing is good for all ages from child to senior. All you need is equipment, a body of water and a light breeze. As you get better you can handle more wind. Alberta gets little waves and swells but certainly not the mast high and higher shots you see in magazines and videos.  

<<<<< OLD MAN DAM at Pincher Creek Alberta - This is where you will allways find the local windsurfers and kiters too. Camping on site or below the dam. Expect a west/NW wind most of the time.

 >>>>> KEHO LAKE at Barons Alberta - This is where you will find Kite Ranch, the local kiters, and windsurfers too.

<<<<< Sunset Beach on the east shore at Lake Chestermere just east of Calgary. Now that so many houses surround the area, the west wind is killed so it is best when north or south. Great for beginners and getting some time on the water after work, usually with 6.5-9.5 sail but smaller when you catch a storm going by. WEED FIN REQUIRED MID SUMMER. Typically sailing from around May 1 when they raise the water through to Thanksgiving weekend when they let the water out. 

 >>>>> GHOST LAKE DAM just west of Cochrane Alberta, about 45 mins from Calgary. Sail from the boat ramp or from the west end. Wind can be swirling when NW over the ridge. Water is always cold but can be ok for the top 3 feet on hot calmer days. You will find lots of ice surfers here in the winter.

>>>>> LAC DES ARC - just west of Ghost Lake at Exshaw - have not sailed there in many years but it was ok at the time and relatively shallow and watch out for submerged tree stumps.

<<<<< EAGLE LAKE just SE of Strathmore - campground on SE shore - can be wind when Calgary is calm - have not been there for a few years but early and late season as you can expect flourescent lime green water in the summer. 

>>>>> LAKE NEWELL south of Brooks, from Kinbrook Island campground on east shore - I've usually been camping there mid summer so I see calm most of the day then mid to late afternoon 5.5-6.5m wind 

<<<<< Little Bow Reservoir and campground - West of Travers Dam at Champion Alberta - Sailing from various places west of the Dam. Not the best wind as down in the coulee.

<<<<< McGregor Lake - just north of Little Bow with several places to launch from like the north bridge.

>>>>> Little Bow Reservoir - East of Travers Dam - Get there by going south from Lamonde. This lake was the place where we held our beginner weekends mid August. I would like to see the beginner weekend back again. You park, rig, and camp right on the shoreline. Was last there summer 2018, the old campground is under water and the new campground further up only has new trees and could see a lot of shallow submerged islands at that time and shore may be a bit soft and muddy still...

<<<<< CHAIN LAKES RESERVOIR - North of Old Man Dam - Nice spot - for fishing too.

>>>>> PINE COULIE RESERVOIR - just west of Stavely Alberta - popular, although I've only sailed there once - others go there regularly. 

<<<<< Waterton Park Village deep SW Alberta near Us border in the mountains, which is also just south of Pincher Creek - sail from the campground in town - lol - wear your best wetsuit or dry suit and stay on top of your board. 

>>>>> Waterton Reservoir - between Pincher creek and Waterton Park - campground on north shore - best when water is high at ground level so a good spot for a speed run by sticking to the west shore in flat water. 

<<<<< LAKE WINDERMERE BC - INVERMERE British Columbia - Campground in town or others going south -

>>>>> COLUMBIA LAKE BC - north end campground or if you have access to several private communities going south. Wind is most always from the south. Yes, this is the start of the Comumbia River leading down to the Gorge and Hood River. 

<<<<< Gleniffer Lake / Dickson Dam - Just west of Innisfail Alberta - North Dyke boat launch and other places.

>>>>> Sylvan Lake west of Red Deer Alberta - busy resort beach and town - so lots of boats in the water - had a few sessions here if the wind comes up. 

<<<<< ASPEN BEACH / Brewers campground and day use - Gull Lake Alberta just west of Lacombe Alberta - Long hike to deeper water so not alot of windsurfers and makes for large place to learn kiting if you can get away from the crowds on a busy day. wind straight on from the north usually or only as storms going by. 

>>>>> PINE LAKE SE of Red Deer - never any wind when I've been there and a home of swimmers itch and seems it's all private so don't know where there is any public access.

<<<<< ALBERTA BEACH - LAC STE. ANNE - NW of Edmonton - I've never sailed there so don't know exactly where but that's one place locals go. 

>>>>> COOKING LAKE Alberta - same here, don't know exactly where from, and several other lakes in the area SE of Edmonton - Sailed one of the lakes in the area a long time ago.

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Interested in lessons? This was several years ago and now is April 2019 so may or may not be active still.

Contact Name: chris
> Contact Phone: 4039261506
> Email Address: snowrider1717@gmail.com

Otherwise, all you need is a basic review of how to setup and sailing pointers on dry land, which I do here on purchases, on request, plus there are lots of videos on youtube.  It's been a few years since I've been on the water myself but there is a chance I have time to get you out on the water for your first time at Chestermere's sunset beach but no ongoing progressive lessons.